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Behind the Bells Podcast

Aug 2, 2023

"And since we've no place to go, Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!"

It's Christmas in July... in August. Better later then never, but Robert wanted to address some of his future plans for new segements including "Almost Christmas" and "Christmas WHAT!?" while saying that Elf Part 2 will be coming

Robert also wanted...

May 22, 2023

“I like to smile, smiling’s my favorite”

Robert is back after a brief hiatus to explore the first major Christmas classic of the new millennium, Elf. Even though he’s gone back and forth on it, Robert does consider Elf a great Christmas movie which works thanks to Will Ferrell’s talent.

Learn about how writer...

Mar 15, 2023

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud to hear!"

In anticipation for my next deep dive, Robert looks at his personal favorite Christmas elves in various movies and TV specials. While there are plenty of the traditional ones that live at the North Pole and make toys, some of the choices will...

Jan 18, 2023

"Video game. Video game. Didn’t Anyone ask for a bat, a sword, or Molotov cocktails?"

A new year means a new season of Behind the Bells. Today we're collaborating with Gerry from the Totally Rad Christmas! podcast to talk about last years suprise Christmas hit, Violent Night

The two of us podcasters talk about the...

Nov 15, 2022

"I Believe... it's silly but I believe"

The holidays are upon us! And what a better way then finish our dive into Miracle on 34th Street. Now it's time to see how Fox managed to get Macys and Gimbels to agree to use their names for the movie. Learn how the movie's filming of the annual Thanksgiving parade would be the...