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Behind the Bells Podcast

Nov 2, 2023

"Jumping Jingle Bells!"

In honor of Christmas Podcast Day, Robert is stepping into the Delorean to take the time jump to 1991. He does a little deep dive into the Back to the Future animated series and the Christmas episode that was produced, "Dickens of a Christmas". While the Back to the Future trilogy is Robert's all time favorite set of movies, the animated series is a mixed bag... and Dickens of a Christmas is not a better one.

There's still a lot to take in from a story about Ebenezer Tannon getting a visit from a ghostly Marty on a hoverboard, Doc recusing his boys Jules and Verne from a Sykes-like figure, and taking the Delorean to Victorian England.

Robert also explores the cartoon's history and how the same team from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures were tasked with briging another time travel series to life.

Music Credit to Purple Planet, Incompetech and Musicloops.




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