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Behind the Bells Podcast

Jan 18, 2023

"Video game. Video game. Didn’t Anyone ask for a bat, a sword, or Molotov cocktails?"

A new year means a new season of Behind the Bells. Today we're collaborating with Gerry from the Totally Rad Christmas! podcast to talk about last years suprise Christmas hit, Violent Night

The two of us podcasters talk about the movie thats part Die Hard, part The Santa Clause, part Bad Santa and even a little bit part The Ref, as Stranger Thing's Dave Harbour as Santa has to fend off theives as run by John Leguizamo and save Christmas. We really liked the movie and have a lot of fun talking about our favorite moments, favorite kills, speculate on who could play Mrs. Claus, and we even spitball our own casting had Violent Night been made in the 80s.




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Totally Rad Christmas!