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Behind the Bells Podcast

Jun 6, 2023

"What's a Christmas-Gram? I want one!"

Continuing with the look into Elf, Robert's joined by Todd Killian from Christmas Clatter to talk about the movie... along with some other Christmas movies... along with some other traditions related to Christmas... and having a more laidback conversation.

The two os us talk about some of our favorite moments, how the third act is still the most random part of the movie and how much Elf has become both of our personal favorites. We also look into our personal favorite elves, some of our other Christmas classics and why the movie has had the impact it does with the public. Does Elf already have the same cult status as A Christmas Story or has it passed beyond that? Find out before Robert returns with the 2nd part of the Elf deep dive

Music credited to Purple Planet, Musicloops




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Christmas Clatter

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